The Best Winter Coats for Extreme Cold in 2018

canada goose chateau parka non fur I’ve always wanted to do not understand this dress is how to keep warm. The following analysis of whether the truth, ask everyone.

Concepts X Canada Goose Macmillan Jackets Sale
Concepts X Canada Goose Macmillan Jackets Sale

why is canada goose so expensive Naked why be cold? Because with the cold air heat exchanger, the heat exchange in the form of mostly convection. Why put on clothes, will feel warm to? Apparently clothes the cold air blocking. But because the inside of the air becomes hot, unless sealed, the hot air is always to constantly rise, so that the clothes outside in the cold air of the inevitable intrusion. If there is such a seal of the clothes, the body wrapped up, the key is airtight, but it is also adiabatic, that certainly warms up, the gas-impermeable material, such as plastic sheeting, but absolutely not hot, but impermeable is not consistent with physical requirements, the skin needs a breathable space. What should I do? One approach is to slow down the cold air intrusion rate. How to slow down for? Is the layers of fortification, down garment, can warm the mechanism should be that is, split into different temperature ranges, the reducing Layer and the layer between the temperature difference, the temperature difference is smaller, the convective heat transfer slower. Is not this truth? You find the convection and temperature relationship equation

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expedition parka for men Divided into different temperature ranges, the temperature difference is reduced, the convective heat transfer intensity decreases. The number of layers the more warmth the better. Or, for a layer of clothes to say, FROM t1 to t2, the temperature is continuous, for more layers of clothes to say, FROM t1 to t2, the temperature is discrete, is a step one step lower.

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Canada Goose Jackets And Parkas For Men Sale

chateau canada goose review The following is my Supplement, don’t have any truth:

Why clothes to keep warm?

canada goose jacket mens People are warm-blooded animals, the body is a burning body constantly generates heat. The generated heat must be timely discharge, otherwise, it will feel hot, like summer. But also not too fast discharge, otherwise, it will feel cold, like winter.

canada goose outlet nyc The weather is cold, we will be conscious of the added clothes. Add clothes is not human instinct, but a life experience. Why clothes to keep warm? Intuition is the clothes, the cold air blocked in vitro, the clothes put the body wrapped up. Why wrapped up in the insulation? The so-called insulation is to prevent heat loss. Heat loss, in three forms: conduction, convection, radiation. If with a layer of tin to wrap your body, you still will be very cold. Because the iron will heat. The clothes of the material, the thermal conductivity is not very high, it can be insulated. Clothes the thicker the insulation the better. So the days colder, wear the clothes, the thicker.

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Canada Goose Coats Sale

canada goose sale mens But the clothes wear much, is clumsy, not to mention the clothes after all or will the heat transfer, the day and then cold the words, the clothes wear more, or will feel cold. There is a material, the heat conduction ability is poor, this material is air. Such as home of the double glass, the middle is a layer of air, fitted with the double glazing of houses, insulation is strong.

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Canada Goose Coat Boys Sale

canada goose factory sale The air can be insulated, that we light in the house in the winter why will feel cold? This is because of the air convection. With your body close to that layer of air, accept your body heat, the density becomes lighter, the air rises, the empty space is next to the cold air Supplement, so close to Your the air is always cold, you always feel cold. As long as the earth gravity environment, in an open space where air convection cannot be avoided. If it is in a weightless environment, the air convection is stopped, then, even in sub-zero, you naked also won’t feel so cold because you’re wearing a layer of air of the clothes. This layer of hot air is always attached to your body, the premise is you can not move, the hot air just stays in that space why is canada goose so expensive.

canada goose outlet store Then, how the Earth’s open environment and let your body surface always has a layer of hot air? Mounted on a piece of glass is clearly not realistic, then with plastic film, inside filled with air, this layer of air is stationary, the seal, follow you, and the image of that, put yourself in a big balloon, only the exposed face to breathe. This can be insulation, a balloon in the air are sealed, convection is also very less. But this is not a cartoon person, how to walk? Plus a person’s skin will release water vapor, enclosed space where water vapor cannot be excluded, people will be uncomfortable. The skin also needs the gas exchange.
canada goose sale In fact, do not think so complex, humans have long invented the cotton to achieve the above effect. Coat why than the normal clothes to keep warm? Cotton and the inside is fluffy, the inside storage of a lot of air, this layer of air is relatively stable, stationary.
canada goose sale womens People and analysis of the duck., geese Ah, winter are in the water, why not afraid of cold, so the invention of the feather coat.
Leather clothing can insulation, is an anthropological study of the mammals, the skin thermal conductivity is poor, also can prevent wind intrusion, the skin’s pores also to maintain ventilation, but the beasts in the water or cold. Leather warm with feather clothing to keep warm is different.
canada goose sale mens Why will down clothing be the finest warm clothes? When the feather put into the clothes inside, because down has a very good elastic, it will form a very large space, this space is storage of air. Why down good elasticity, because of the feather itself with a lot of small tubes, which small tube inside filled with air, biases freely. It is also down the hollow, making it very soft and gentle.
canada goose clearance Why is down clothing in this layer of air relatively fixed? Because the fabric and lining to form a pocket, this pocket was down support is very large, used to hold the air, though not sealed, but with the outside air exchange is slow. Obviously, this space can make it, the warmer. So, down more, down elastic better, stays out of the space is greater, can be installed in the air More, dress warmer. Of course, the price is also more expensive.
canada goose outlet store And to sleep cover the quilt, why the quilt to be compacted, do not a gap, it is because the vacated bed those air needs to be heated, after Heating the hot air will run out of the blanket. Should be a person lying down and standing up is not the same Bar, The hot air is always up. And why is the bed plate, Simmons thermal insulation requirements are not high, because the hot air is upward, the back does not feel cold. From the hot air is always vertically upward, we can also explain, why wearing the same clothes, standing not cold, lie down it will be cold, need to cover the point of the other, is because lying down and standing up, the hot air flow area is not the same.
And winter if you do not undress on the cover quilt sleeping, so get up after the easy to catch cold, the so-called a hot a cold, how to explain.
Also: wood can be warm, the heat resistance is poor, not because the wood inside has a lot of air storage?

canada goose jacket womens Down insulated the principle is to lock in the air, the convection to a minimum. In view of the known friends in the comments to discuss fleece warm principle, be complementary: in fact the heat loss of the way is very simple, is nothing more than conduction, convection and radiation, there are principles and formulas to follow, condemnation on the line–down to the greatest extent possible to prevent convection, and is a poor conductor of heat, thermal effect is the strongest; in addition to the monkeys outside of the fleece basic is by reducing the material itself is the thermal conductivity of the insulation; and the Columbia Omni-Heat this thermal reflective technology is by blocking the radiation of this heat loss pathway to keep warm.

canada goose jacket mens Due to the feather globular fiber upper clouds, thousands of tiny pores absorb human body distribute the flow of heat, isolation outside cold air invasion. As normal down jacket stores filled ounces of white goose down, can be expanded to seven hundred cubic meters of volume, and the General duck down up to 400 cubic meters. So in relative terms, lock in more body heat, you can provide the best protection against the cold effect. Simply put down the reason why the insulation, the principles are two: 1, Material: down is an animal protein, consists of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, five of the original elements of the composition, then cotton(plant cellulose)insulation resistance is high. 2, the pore structure: feather velvet itself containing millions of triangles of the nodes, can absorb a lot of air, and air as the heat of a bad conductor, and therefore can avoid the chill quickly penetrated and the temperature of the drain.

canada goose outlet Because down with the birds, or duck down, so very warm

Because feather fluffy, the same thickness of coat with down jacket, in fact, is as warm, but the coat weight. Mainly clothes within the air are not thermally conductive, so warm.

canada goose outlet store locations The clothing itself is not generating heat, just is a down jacket is tightly wrapped around your body, prevent your body heat loss

canada goose outlet sale Because the down jacket to keep warm similar to the feathers of the principle is that in your body around producing a relative insulation of the air layer, make your own heat generated try not to go out, so as to achieve insulation effect. And what those sweaters and the like, your own manufacture of heat easily from the clothes bore to dissipate, so feel cold.

canada goose outlet nyc This heat transfer theory it is easy to interpret, the air heat transfer coefficient is very low, q=ka(t2-t1), q is constant, t1 and t2, respectively, is the body temperature and the ambient temperature, a is the heat transfer area, is the clothing surface area, so the heat transfer coefficient is LOW, the air circulated by the heat is smaller, that is to keep warm effect the better. In General, the metal of the heat transfer coefficient is the largest, and cotton and things like heat transfer coefficient is very small, the air heat transfer coefficient is very small, the down jacket inside filled with air, let the clothes the heat transfer coefficient becomes very small, so the warm effect is good.

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